Sarah B*** (optimisticblond) wrote in tomorrowshine,
Sarah B***

feeder mentalness

hey! did anyone else go to the feeder gig last night?

it was fuckin awesome...
new song and "shade" man - It was so good i went totally mental!

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My friend went... But didn't recognise Shade...

I swear, if they don't play that every night... I'm going to kill someone...
Was ~fabulous~, now have no voice from too much singing. Roll on Sunday in Birmingham!

Oh yeah.....

Guess who got Taka's setlist........

Brum on sat for me too!

And then Hammersmith the day after! =D
Oooo, Hammersmith for me too!
oooo,you lucky chuff! my friend nearly got a drumstick,but got clobbered..
few ppl did - in the bit i was in they all fell silent and didnt have a clue what it was..and my feeder madness was apparent!

...oh fuck :D
Could you possibly put the song they played behind an LJ cut? Some people like the songs like that to be a suprise, not expected...
apparently they played cement and dry in blackpool last night instead of shade and dgs.

i'm going cardiff, brighton and hammersmith and i can't wait :D