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Hammersmith Apollo 21/03/06

So, Tuesday arrived; the day of my second ever Feeder gig, almost a year after the last one.  A busy weekend trekking around the Peak District (don't ask) meant I hadn't had that much time to think about it, but as soon as I met up with my friends at school the excitement began to mount.

Goldie Lookin Chain were, I'm afraid, one of the worst things I've ever seen, but soon enough Feeder arrived on stage with Feeling a Moment, soon to be folowed by Shatter and all the other greats.

We also saw the first ever performance of Lost and Found, which was fantastic!  Can't wait until my copies arrive....

The encore was brilliant: High, Seven Days in The Sun and Just A Day, with the crowd chanting do do do dooo for so long that the band couldn't actually start the song for ages!

I left exhausted but elated, once again looking forward to the next one.  Well worth the wait since July.
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